Open your wallet from the command line (mac)

May 29, 2015

Instead of manually swapping your wallet.dat when you want to open your masternodes wallet or main wallet, you can open the dash-qt application and specify which wallet you want to use.

Open (or create, then open) ~/.profile and add the following two lines

alias dash-main='/Applications/ -wallet=wallet-main.dat' alias dash-mn='/Applications/ -wallet=wallet-mn.dat'

Then, “source” the .profile file by running the following command (yes, that’s a dot)

. ~/.profile

Then move and rename your masternodes wallet to wallet-mn.dat and be sure it’s located in your data directory. The same for your main wallet but name it wallet-main.dat.

Now all you need to do is run (from your terminal) dash-main to open the app with your main wallet or dash-mn to open the app with your masternodes wallet