Be an informed crypto-currency investor

Jun 09, 2015

How do you stay informed about developments with our favorite crypto-currency? Twitter? Bitcoin Talk? Reddit? It’s great to follow all of these sources, but you really need to be following developer communication. And the best place to do that is on GitHub.

It’s no secret that Node40 is a big champion of DASH. Part of the reason is because DASH has an incredible development team and a transparent project. If you want to know what is happening to DASH, you can check out the developer communication and commits at GitHub.

Right now, the developers are working on v0.12.x. You can get a pretty good idea of the broad stokes by visiting the DashTalk Forum. But you’ll quickly notice that even broad status updates on the forum reference details within GitHub. When you visit GitHub, you’ll see an amazing amount of activity. Here’s a link to some recent commits for version 0.12.x

There’s a lot of FUD out there. If you want to cut through speculation and opinions, you need to do some research. And the best way to do that is go to the source (literally).

If you’ve got questions about something in the source code, ask about it on the forums. This advice applies to all crypto-currencies, but DASH in particular does a fantastic job of communicating what is currently in development and what’s planned for the future.