Node40 Presents at Phillips Lytle in Albany, NY

Jul 01, 2015

Phillips Lytle, LLP invited Node40 to present on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. A forward-thinking firm, Phillips Lytle was interested in keeping up to date on the growing industry centered around cryptocurrency.

As a cryptocurrency service provider, Node40 often consults with businesses about trends in the cryptocurrency sector with a particular focus on the cryptocurrency Dash (Digital Cash).

About Node40

Node40 is a cryptocurrency service provider. They remove the technological hurdles involved with setting up DASH masternodes. Customers can turn their DASH investment into a revenue stream by starting a single-owner masternode.

About Phillips Lytle, LLP

Phillips Lytle, LLP is a full-service law firm in the US & Canada. Practice areas include Banking, Business, Environmental, Labor, Personal Injury and Real Estate.