Node40 Brings Dash to Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Jul 15, 2015

Albany, NY - Node40 setup the Jonathan LeVine Gallery to accept the cryptocurrency Dash (Digital Cash). Jonathan LeVine is already a Node40 customer. He decided it would be in the interest of both his customers and the artists he represents to start accepting cryptocurrency.

After evaluating various cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin), Jonathan decided that Dash met his business needs. With a large international customer and artist base, Dash allows Jonathan Levine Gallery to easily accept international payments and send remittance to his artists.

Node40 assisted Jonathan in setting up a Dash digital wallet and also helped to integrate CoinPayments with the gallery’s Shopify site at

About Node40

Node40 is a cryptocurrency service provider. They remove the technological hurdles involved with setting up DASH masternodes. Customers can turn their DASH investment into a revenue stream by starting a single-owner masternode.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is committed to new and cutting edge art. The gallery’s roots go back to 1995, when Jonathan’s life-long participation in punk and underground music grew into a curatorial experiment with the visual culture that surrounded him. The gallery moved to Chelsea in 2005, with an eye towards honoring and connecting with the history and context of Post War art. The gallery contributes to the dialogue by challenging the conventions of the canon – exploring the terrain of the high/low and everything in between. Jonathan LeVine Gallery is located at 529 West 20th Street and 557C West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011. For further information, please visit:, email: or call: 212.243.3822.