Create a new masternode public key

Aug 03, 2015

The only information you need to setup a masternode using the Node40 setup wizard is a masternode public key. The video below shows how to create a new public key.

The masternode public key is the wallet address that holds exactly 1,000 Dash. That 1,000 Dash must have at least 15 confirmations.

If you don’t already have a masternode public key: 1. Open up your Dash wallet. 2. Click the Receive tab. 3. Enter a label (e.g. mn01) and an amount of 1,000 (optional). 4. Click the Request payment button. 5. From the new window, click the Copy Address button. 6. Send exactly 1,000 Dash to the new public key. 7. Paste the new public key into the Node40 masternode public key input.

Dash Masternodes In 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Create Your Account

Registration couldn't be easier. Simply supply an email address and start monitoring masternodes for free.

Step 2

Commission a Node

Use the Node40 setup wizard to commission a new masternode in a matter of minutes.

Step 3

Enjoy Your Rewards

Your masternode is a passive revenue stream. Rewards are sent from the Dash network to your local wallet.

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