Consolidated Invoicing

Sep 15, 2015

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve released two new features. So, if you haven’t heard from us in a bit, it’s simply because we’ve been too busy to post on social media.

Consolidated Invoicing (Now in beta!)

If you have more than one masternode hosted with Node40, you may be receiving multiple invoices per month. Our new consolidated invoicing page allows you to group all of your masternodes into a single invoice and select a custom expiration date.

To access the page, click on your username in the upper right corner and select the Commissioned Nodes option. You can consolidate any nodes that aren’t currently in renewal.

While we are in beta, there are a few rules in place that will help insure you don’t accidentally expire your hosting. The most important rule is that we automatically set the new expiration date to ten days past the latest expiration date in your group of consolidated nodes.

If you set your expiration dates to more than six or twelve months, a discount will be automatically applied.

Want to consolidate, but don’t want to try the new feature?

Simply send an email to and let us know which nodes you want to consolidate. We would be happy to consolidate your nodes for you.