Node40 Integrates with API

Oct 30, 2015

Node40 is excited to announce integration with the API. As a affiliate, Node40 is able to offer its customers a much higher exchange limit for Dash.

Easy Dash Masternodes with Node40 and API

Until now, the biggest hurdle to setting up a Dash masternode was acquisition of Dash. With our ShapeShift API intergration, anybody with bitcoin can easily exchange bitcoin for 1,000 Dash from within the Node40 platform. It is no longer necessary to sign up with an alt-coin exchange.

Node40 is now a one stop shop for anyone interested in turning their cryptocurrency into a revenue stream.

In addition to offering bitcoin to Dash exchange options, Node40 offers push-button masternode commissioning, detailed masternode monitoring, and push-button voting for Dash budget proposals.

Please note that Node40 does not buy, sell, or exchange any cryptocurrency with customers. This service is provided through the ShapeShift API. Users must abide by the ShapeShift Terms & Conditions.