How-to: Install and secure the Dash QT (Core) wallet

Feb 26, 2016

If you want to run a Dash masternode you need to install the Dash QT (Core) wallet. This video demonstrates basic installation and setup.

Go to and click the Download link. Select the installer for the Dash Core Wallet. In this video, I’ll demonstrate installation on a mac.

Double-click the installer and follow the steps.

Launch the wallet. The first time you open a wallet, it will take awhile to fully synch. The wallet needs to download the full blockchain.

Before doing anything else, I am going to encrypt the wallet and then turn on coin control.

To encrypt the wallet, go to Settings => Encrypt Wallet…

Enter a password and confirm the password. Do NOT forget this password. Forgetting your password could result in lost Dash. That’s why I like encrypting an empty wallet.

A message will pop up telling you the wallet needs to be restarted to complete the encryption.

After the wallet has shut down, open it again.

Notice the lock icon in the bottom right.

Confirm you can unlock your wallet. There are a couple of ways to unlock your wallet.

You can select Settings => Unlock Wallet.

The icon now indicates the wallet is unlocked.

Alternatively, you can unlock your wallet from the Debug console. Select Tools => Debug console. From the console, enter walletpassphrase [your_pass_phrase] [timeout]

To enable Coin Control, go to Preferences and select the Wallet tab. Make sure the Enable coin control features is checked. Then click OK.

You are now ready to receive Dash. Click on the receive tab and generate a new address.