How-to: Upgrade your masternodes (no protocol change)

Mar 01, 2016

In this video, I am going to demonstrate how to upgrade your masternodes hosted at Node40. This particular video is for an upgrade without a protocol change. That means a remote-start from the local wallet is not necessary. Another video will demonstrate how to upgrade your masternodes when a protocol change occurs and a remote-start is required. Coming soon!

From the upper right of the page, click on your email address and select Commissioned Nodes.

If your nodes are all on the most recent version, you will see a message letting you know an upgrade is not necessary.

If one or more of your nodes are eligible for upgrade, you’ll see a message indicating the version you can upgrade too.

Again, this video demonstrates how to upgrade nodes where the protocol does not change. We will be releasing a video that demonstrates how to upgrade nodes with a protocol change. Keep in mind that a protocol change requires a remote start from your local wallet.

If you have nodes eligible for upgrade, click the Upgrade button.

A modal window will open asking you to confirm the upgrade. To proceed, click the big red upgrade button. Note that there is not a way to downgrade from within Node40.

Once you submit a request for upgrade your nodes will be queued and you will receive an email with details about the upgrade process and an estimate on how long it should take. When all nodes have been upgraded you will receive a follow up email confirming the upgrade is complete.