How Dash rewards affect your portfolio

Mar 21, 2016

The longer your Dash masternode remains online, the more rewards you receive from the network. This of course has the affect of increasing the volume of Dash you own. If your volume increases, your overall portfolio valuation increases. But what happens if the value of Dash increases? To demonstrate the affects of both a volume increase and valuation increase, we have posted a rewards calculator at Node40.

The data below is a snaphot of how volume and value are related over a twelve month period.The current value of 1 Dash as of writing this post is $6.38. For the purposes of illustration and to explain the data below, assume you purchase $15,950.00 worth of Dash. At the current price of $6.38, you would receive about 2,500 Dash. With 2,500 Dash you could run two full masternodes (1,000 Dash collateral per node). After paying for hosting of your masternodes through Node40, you could net about 13 Dash/month in rewards from the network.

The table shows how your portfolio could grow over twelve moths if the price of Dash increases (left column). Note the first row still reflects an increase in the value of your portfolio even if the price does not change over twelve months.

You can modify the values by visiting

If Dash reaches this price in 12 months,* your portfolio valuation could be. Percent Gain
$6.38 $16,984.84 6.488%
$6.59 $17,543.90 9.993%
$6.80 $18,102.97 13.498%
$7.02 $18,688.65 17.170%
$7.23 $19,247.71 20.675%
$7.44 $19,806.78 24.180%
$7.66 $20,392.46 27.852%

* These are not projected prices. This data is for education purposes only. You should not make investment decisions based off this data.