Node40 Dash Masternode Setup Wizard Walkthrough

Apr 29, 2016

In this video I am going to walk through the Node40 masternode setup wizard that can be used to launch a masternode server hosted with Node40.

After you have funded a public key in your local Dash QT Core wallet with a 1,000 Dash transaction, you can use the public key to launch you new masternode server. Note the public key must have at least one confirmation before you can begin.

Paste your public key in to the Public Key input and click the Find button to locate the correct masternode collateral.

Select a payment option and click next to begin configuration of your masternode server.

After the server has launched, the setup wizard will show you the server configuration line item that needs to be saved your maternode.conf file. Instructions for how to update your masternode.conf file are available in the right hand column of the setup wizard.

Next step is to send payment. The setup wizard will tell you exactly how much Dash you need to send and the deposit address you need to send it it.

Once the deposit has been confirmed your masternode server will continue to be configured until you receive a status message of complete.

When the setup of your masternode server is complete you can send a remote start message from your local Dash QT Core wallet. Instruction for how to do this are located in the right column.

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