Dash Masternode Financial Statements (Preview)

May 19, 2016

From Node40’s inception, we have offered a way to view the current valuation of your masternodes. While this at-a-glance information is interesting, it isn’t comprehensive enough to evaluate the performance of your masternode. A detailed statement offering information about your portfolio over time is critical to accurately tracking its performance. In this post I introduce a preview release of our upcoming Masternode Financial Statements.

In the last year, Dash has seen roughly a 260% valuation increase from $2.67 on May 14th, 2015 to $6.93 on May 14th, 2016. If you have had a masternode running for that entire time period, you’re doing really well. The Node40 Masternode Financial Statements will provide a detailed breakdown of your masternode performance over time.

Our new Masternode Financial Statements contain four sections:

  1. Latest Balances & Activity Summary.
  2. A chart plotting the historical USD valuation.
  3. Detailed breakdown of all transactions associated with your masternode portfolio.
  4. Withdrawal transaction breakdowns that include gain/loss calculations.

Real-World example

The following screen shots are from a real masternode owned by Node40. You can download the full statement here. The statements are still a work in progress so the layout and analysis may change slightly prior to release.

Latest Balances & Activity Summary

The Latest Balances section displays the number of masternodes included in the report along with the current total Dash. A USD breakdown of the collateral valuation and total valuation is also included.

The Activity Summary displays at-a-glance information about transactions linked to the masternodes. You can also see the USD breakdown of total deposits, rewards, and withdrawals.

Chart plotting the USD valuation over time

The chart section provides a quick visual to the total valuation of the masternodes included in the report. It includes all deposits, rewards, and withdrawals in the order they were recorded on the blockchain.

List of all transactions

The Transactions section is a list of all transactions and their corresponding USD value at the time the transaction occurred. For a withdrawal, the gain/loss is calculated and displayed in the far right column.


The Withdrawal section is a breakdown of each withdrawal. Withdrawals often comprise multiple inputs but each input can have a different valuation (based on the date of receipt). The difference between the sum of the inputs and the valuation at the time of the withdrawal is listed as a gain or loss.

Why are these statements important?

Masternode Financial Statements serve a practical purpose.

As digital currencies continue to gain adoption they in turn fall under increasing regulation. It is the responsibility of the asset holder to report their tax liabilities. Until now, this was an onerous task for Masternode owners. The difficulty lies in the calculation of the gains/losses of outgoing transactions (withdrawals).

The Masternode Financial Statement provides our customers with the information they need to determine the true value of any Dash that was withdrawn from a specific masternode on a specific date.