Dash DAO Sends Perry Woodin to All Things Open

Oct 07, 2016

When the Dash DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) was asked if it would like to present at the 2016 All Things Open Conference, it was simply a matter of finding an available speaker. I was happy to volunteer and am looking forward to speaking in the Blockchain track on Thursday the 27th of October.

Conference Topic

In addition to talking about Dash and the unique features that make it the ideal digital currency for day-to-day transactions, I will be highlighting Dash’s unique funding model.

Some of the items I’ll be covering are:

The All Things Open Budget Proposal

Having the Dash DAO send me to the All Thing Open Conference is a prime example of how governance and funding work within Dash. When the invitation was extended to speak at the conference, I was encouraged to submit a budget proposal that would reimburse me for my travel and lodging.

As you can see from dashvotetracker.com, the proposal was overwhelmingly approved with only a small number of NO votes coming in at the last minute. (Someone obviously raining on my parade.) What does this graph mean? It shows that an overwhelming majority of vested masternode operators thought that sending me as a Dash representative was a good idea.

So here we have a prime example of a DAO voting to fund something beneficial to the project with funds from the blockchain.

I couldn’t be happier to represent Dash, and am looking forward to telling the All Things Open participants all about it.