Node40 Statement on DDoS Attack Against Dash Masternode Network

Mar 11, 2017

On March 7th, attackers began issuing a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack against the Dash Masternode P2P (Peer to Peer) network that lasted about a day and a half. During this time, the 4,000+ masternode network experienced higher than normal bandwidth and CPU usage. Unable to handle the attack, approximately 500 masternodes dropped off the network during this time. All Node40-hosted masternodes remained online and reward-eligible.

Read the official Dash Incident Report at

DDoS attacks are notoriously challenging to combat when they take place. One defense is strong hardware. Servers that can handle the load of a DDoS attack are less vulnerable but strong hardware alone isn’t enough protection. The use of firewalls is necessary to help filter out suspicious traffic. At Node40, we employ both defenses.


In anticipation of Dash’s future growth demands, Node40 recently completed a full masternode infrastructure upgrade to ensure our platform was sufficiently robust. The upgrade included the doubling of CPU, bandwidth, and memory, and a quadrupling of storage resources. In addition to preparing our network for the demands of higher Dash use, it also helped keep all Node40 masternodes online during the DDoS attack.


Each masternode hosted with us is also protected by a firewall specifically configured to limit malicious traffic. An analysis of the attack revealed several malicious traffic patterns that we used to immediately improve our firewalls and protect against future attacks.

While it is unfortunate the network suffered this attack, the best course forward is to learn from it, continue to adjust configurations and strengthen the network against such events. At Node40, we are constantly monitoring the network with the goal of keeping our customer’s nodes online and reward-eligible. If you would like more information about Node40 and our service offerings, or if you need any more explanation of this incident, please reach out at