PSA: Stop! Don't remote-start that node.

Apr 06, 2017

If you’re looking at the Masternodes tab of your Dash Core wallet and the status appears to have changed from ENABLED to something else, don’t remote-start your node. At least not without first doing a little investigation. The status column in the Dash Core wallet is often incorrect. If you issue a remote-start without first veryfying there is a problem, you’ll end up sending your masternode to the end of the payment queue.

So, what should you do if your wallet displays a status other than ENABLED? First, check the Node40 Monitor page. Even if you aren’t hosting with Node40, you can still use the monitor to check the status of your masternodes. We get the status by continually querying the network through a number of reference nodes. This is a much more accurate way to determine your maternode status. If you do host with Node40, and a remote-start is required, we’ll email you directly with instructions and an explanation as to why. Issuing a remote-start when it is not required will affect your rewards.

If the incorrect status in your wallet is driving you mad, leave the wallet open for a few hours and the status should auto-correct. Or, do what I do and ignore it. This is an issue that will get fixed by the core team eventaully. For now, use the Node40 Monitor to put your mind at ease.