You Have a Story to Tell

By automatically identifying transaction types, applying market valuations, and carrying basis through to disposition NODE40 makes it easy to see how you transacted. If your story has become complicated over time, we can provide clarity.

We Show You What Actually Happened

NODE40 doesn't take a revisionist approach, we show you what happened in the real world. We identify how your transactions were formed and provide the details for full transparency. Other platforms may apply a subjective methodology like FIFO, LIFO, HIFO ex post facto, but NODE40 shows you what actually happened.

We are Fanatic About Accuracy

When cryptocurrency is moved between sources, the cost basis must be carried with it or your story isn't going to make sense. Our automated identification of credits, debits, and transfers means we can provide the most defensible and auditable data in the industry.


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  • Access to SMART (Simple Multi-Account Reporting Technology) to track cost basis from wallet to wallet to exchange so you know your true gains and losses.
  • Unlimited ledgers from one exchange
  • Up to 1,500 transactions
  • Import data from one wallet (e.g., Core wallets, Trezor, Ledger Nano, Jaax, etc.)
  • On-screen summary reports (by month, year, or custom)
  • Customize your transactions with personal notes
  • Toggle income and override unlimited USD values


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  • All Essentials plan features
  • Connect to and create unlimited ledgers from all supported exchanges
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Create up to 500 wallet ledgers (e.g., Core wallets, Trezor, Ledger Nano, Jaax, etc.)
  • Customize your transactions with personal notes
  • Toggle income and override unlimited USD values
  • Live customer support during business hours
  • Foreign Account Reporting Reports
  • Multiple data export formats


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  • FBAR, FATCA, and closing position reports


Connect to your bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets or exchanges and NODE40 Balance will assign cost basis values to all your incoming transactions. NODE40 has eliminated the need to keep track of your transactions in a separate spreadsheet.


Modify your ledgers just like you would in QuickBooks or other accounting software. You can annotate transactions and override cost basis. You can even mark transactions as exempt from income tax. When it is time to share your transaction details with your accountant, your ledger will tell a story that is easy to understand.


Download your IRS forms and worksheets, or give your accountant access to NODE40 Balance. NODE40 Balance generates IRS Form 8949 along with corresponding worksheets so you can feel comfortable your tax submission is backed up by an accurate audit trail. If you have received IRS Letter 6174, 6174-A, 6173, or CP2000, we can help.