About the Company

In the world of distributed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) decentralized blockchain applications, stability is of paramount importance. Without stable nodes, the network can experience issues. Node40 was founded to make it easy for anybody who wants to participate in supporting P2P networks like Dash. Our focus is on incentivized nodes — nodes that pay operators for participating in the network.

You can read more about the first network to incentivize nodes at https://www.dash.org

The Founders

Perry Woodin

Perry Woodin

Perry has been designing and developing web applications since 1995. His openness to learning about new technologies led him to cryptocurrency in 2012. Perry founded Node40 after setting up a number of personal nodes in mid-2014. He was an early Dash investor and Foundation Member.

PGP Key: https://keybase.io/perrywoodin

Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan

Sean has designed and developed software for a variety of industries since 2000. His passion for data modeling and software architectures has led to successful stints in State government, nonprofits, and the private sector. At Node40, Sean manages server-side development and a cloud-based infrastructure with an emphasis on security and privacy.

PGP Key: https://keybase.io/seannode40


Katie Elliott

Katie Elliott

Katie assists with the day to day operations as well as heading up our social media presence. She is excited to utilize her analytical and organizational skills to be involved in a cutting edge company and technology.

PGP Key: https://keybase.io/katie_node40

Jason Gleman

Jason Gleman

Jason brings a wealth of front-end and general development expertise to Node40. He is responsible for making user interaction with the various Node40 services a simple and intuitive experience.

PGP Key: https://keybase.io/jgleman

Dash Masternodes In 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Create Your Account

Registration couldn't be easier. Simply supply an email address and start monitoring masternodes for free.

Step 2

Commission a Node

Use the Node40 setup wizard to commission a new masternode in a matter of minutes.

Step 3

Enjoy Your Rewards

Your masternode is a passive revenue stream. Rewards are sent from the Dash network to your local wallet.

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