Data on the blockchain may be permanent and immutable, but reporting of real world transactions requires flexibility. NODE40 Balance allows you to define how you interacted with digital currency.

Tax Documents

NODE40 Balance will generate IRS form 8949 along with the required worksheets so you can easily reports your gains and losses.

Custom Valuations

If your transaction value differs from the daily average market valuation, you can make changes according to your records.


Not all digital currency is taxable. If you have purchased Bitcoin or Dash as an investment you can exempt the transactions from ordinary income reporting.

Multiple Wallets

Upload and manage ledgers for multiple wallets.

I'm really excited about my digital currency investments, but I'm even happier knowing I'll be ahead of the curve with tax liabilities as those rules evolve. NODE40 Balance is exactly what I need to calculate my digital currency income, gains/losses, and tax liability. Even as a tech professional, this would be almost impossible without a service like Balance.
— Patrick Quinn, Webapper CEO