How It Works

NODE40 Balance uses your transaction history and analyzes the blockchain to determine accurate valuations for every input and output comprising a transaction. Once a value has been assigned to every transaction, NODE40 Balance can report your current total asset value, income, and any realized gains or losses.

Import Your Wallet Transactions

Safely and securely upload your wallet transactions, and NODE40 Balance will analyze the blockchain to provide valuation data for every transaction. NODE40 Balance supports both Bitcoin and Dash wallets.

Manage Your Ledger

Good record-keeping is the key to managing your blockchain assets. With NODE40 Balance you can annotate your transactions, and modify valuations based on your real world experience. While the blockchain remains immutable, the ability to manipulate your data to reflect true transactional activity is crucial for reporting.

See your income and gains

Accurate reports are key to providing understanding of any asset. NODE40 Balance provides information about your income, gains, and losses. NODE40 Balance can even generate the necessary IRS Tax forms, making it easy to report your tax liability.

Keep your records up to date

Just like traditional accounting services, you can use NODE40 Balance on a regular basis to see how your assets are performing. The best way to track the performance of your digital currency is up to date reporting.

I'm really excited about my digital currency investments, but I'm even happier knowing I'll be ahead of the curve with tax liabilities as those rules evolve. NODE40 Balance is exactly what I need to calculate my digital currency income, gains/losses, and tax liability. Even as a tech professional, this would be almost impossible without a service like Balance.
— Patrick Quinn, Webapper CEO