Dash Masternode Financial Statements (Preview)

May 19, 2016
From Node40’s inception, we have offered a way to view the current valuation of your masternodes. While this at-a-glance information is interesting, it isn’t comprehensive enough to evaluate the performance of your masternode. A detailed statement offering information about your portfolio over time is critical to accurately tracking its performance....

One-on-one Conversations with Node40

May 17, 2016
Do you have questions about how to setup a Node40 hosted Dash masternode? Or even more basic questions about how to get started with Dash? We are here to help.

Check Out the New Node40 Website

May 12, 2016
We are happy to announce the new Node40 website! As the Node40 application has continued to grow, we decided it was important to split the information side of the site from the platform our customers rely on to monitor and manage their Dash masternodes.

Node40 Origin Story at Brave New Coin

May 05, 2016
The Node40 Origin Story was published at Brave New Coin today.

Edit your local Dash masternode.conf file

May 02, 2016
To update your masternode.conf file, you will need a basic text editor. On Windows you can simply use notepad. For the mac, you can use something like Atom, Textmate, or Sublime Text. Atom is probably the easiest to work with, and it is free. We do not recommend using the...