Investing your cryptocurrency

Oct 14, 2015
This is not a blog post about how to invest in cryptocurrency, and should not be taken as investment advice. Rather this post is about investing your cryptocurrency with the expectation of seeing a return. This post is about how Dash masternodes allow you to increase the volume of your...

Masternode Server Monitor

Sep 22, 2015
We’ve always taken masternode monitoring very seriously. That’s why we offer our masternode monitor free for anyone to use. At a glance you can see the status and health of your masternode.

Consolidated Invoicing

Sep 15, 2015
Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve released two new features. So, if you haven’t heard from us in a bit, it’s simply because we’ve been too busy to post on social media.

Safely remove rewards from your masternode

Aug 04, 2015
One of the most frequent questions we get is about how to withdraw rewards from a masternode. If you are careless and end up removing Dash from your initial 1,000 Dash deposit, your masternode will go offline. The following video demonstrates how to enable coin control and withdraw rewards from...

Create a new masternode public key

Aug 03, 2015
The only information you need to setup a masternode using the Node40 setup wizard is a masternode public key. The video below shows how to create a new public key.