Jan 26, 2016
We had a great time at The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. We met lots of dedicated and passionate people from diverse backgrounds; all with the shared interest in seeing the technology grow and succeed.

How-to: Install Electrum-Dash Wallet (standard)

Jan 26, 2016
I have had a number of people ask how to setup a Dash wallet, but they don't have any interest in running a masternode (yet).

Node40 Integrates with Dash Evolution

Jan 19, 2016
Node40 is excited to announce integration with Dash Evolution. Prior to Dash Evolution, sending cryptocurrency payments between parties was a cumbersome process that greatly hindered adoption by the general public. With the introduction of Dash Evolution customers can pay their vendors with the click of a button.

The 2015 Year in Review

Jan 06, 2016
The year 2015 was a whirlwind for Node40. We started the business the last week of March, and by year’s end had an impressive list of accomplishments. Here are some of the things that kept us busy the past eight plus months:

Node40 Sponsors The Daily Decrypt

Dec 09, 2015
If you aren’t listening to The Daily Decrypt yet, you need to check it out. Node40 sponsored Episode 46. Immediately after the Node40 plug, Amanda mentions the introduction of Dash Evolution at last week’s Latin American Bitcoin Conference.