Crypto Taxation - What Business Leaders Need to Know

Dec 03, 2018
The future of cryptocurrencies may be uncertain in some people’s eyes, but its influence is now being felt by businesses and in commerce. Major companies, including PayPal, Expedia and Subway, are already accepting Bitcoin, and smaller businesses are following suit.

Advice for Crypto Investors Ahead of April Tax Returns

Nov 28, 2018
April can be a stressful time of year for U.S. citizens obliged to complete tax returns. For those with cryptocurrency investments, it can feel particularly painful thanks to the legal gray areas left by the IRS.

NODE40 Founders Regain Control of Industry Leading Crypto Tax Solution

Nov 14, 2018
New York, USA - November 14, 2018 - Sean Ryan and Perry Woodin, the founders of NODE40, the blockchain accounting firm that specializes in cost basis tracking, have announced that they will purchase all NODE40 assets from their parent company and continue doing business as NODE40.

NODE40 Releases Major Update to Industry-Leading NODE40 Balance Cryptocurrency Financial Software

Oct 01, 2018
NODE40, the blockchain solutions business unit of HashChain Technology Inc., today announced the launch of NODE40 Balance with SMART View, offering customers an unrivaled ability to audit cryptocurrency asset transactions and accurately track cost basis information for these assets across multiple online exchanges and custodial wallets. SMART View – or...

Dash version 12.3 to be released July 3rd, 2018

Jul 01, 2018
Within the next few days, Dash version 12.3 will be officially released by Dash Core, Inc. NODE40 will be testing the release internally for about 24-72 hours before rolling out to our customers. If you wish to be among the first eligible for update, send an email to and...