Bitcoin's price continues to soar

Dec 08, 2017
NODE40 CEO Perry Woodin discusses Bitcoin’s phenomenon and why it’s all the rage on both main street and Wall Street.

It's Almost Time to Update Your Masternodes

Nov 07, 2017
Within the next couple of days, Dash version 12.2 is set for release. NODE40 will be testing the release internally for about 24 hours before rolling out to our customers. If you wish to be among the first eligible for update, send an email to and we will give...

Litecoin Tax Issue Closer to Resolution Through IRS-Friendly Tax Software

Oct 31, 2017
New York, NY - October 31 - NODE40, the blockchain tech company bringing best-in-class tax compliance to American cryptocurrency users, has launched Litecoin support on its popular Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, NODE40 Balance. The addition means every single Litecoin user across America, can accurately report their gains and...

Incident Response Related to Masternode Operators: Sentinel Hotfix (Action Required)

Oct 26, 2017
Early on October 26th, the Dash network experienced a problem that impacted all 4,700+ Dash Masternodes. The submission of a Dash budget proposal resulted in a Dash Masternode supporting tool (Sentinel) failing to successfully process the proposal. Sentinel is required to run on all masternodes and serves, in part, to...

Is The IRS Winning The War On Bitcoin Tax Cheats?

Sep 08, 2017
While the buzz around Bitcoin is well and truly reaching papers, airwaves, and TV screens across the globe, there’s something far less visible, but far more exciting at play. I’m talking about the IRS’ hunt for Bitcoin billionaires, or more specifically, individuals that have forgotten to, inadvertently, or deliberately flouted...