Bitcoin Tax Issue Closer to Resolution Through IRS-Friendly Tax Software

Jul 31, 2017
New York, NY - July 31 - NODE40, the blockchain tech company bringing best-in-class tax compliance to American cryptocurrency users, has launched Bitcoin support on its popular Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, NODE40 Balance. The new service comes just four months after the New York company introduced blockchain accounting...

NODE40 Balance Now Supports Dash PrivateSend

Jun 16, 2017
NODE40 is happy to announce blockchain accounting support for Dash PrivateSend transactions. Until now, users who wanted to take advantage of Dash’s protocol level PrivateSend feature were unable to accurately calculate gains and losses on PrivateSend transactions.

April 2017 Portfolio Insight Reports Available

May 05, 2017
April 2017 Portfolio Insight Reports are now live. See how your masternode investment performed over the past month. April saw some exciting price movement and our Insight Reports show you how your particular masternode portfolio performed.

All NODE40 Masternodes Updated to 12.1.5

Apr 12, 2017
All Dash masternodes hosted at NODE40 were updated to Dash version 12.1.5. This was a mandatory update that we applied within hours of release.

PSA: Stop! Don't remote-start that node.

Apr 06, 2017
If you’re looking at the Masternodes tab of your Dash Core wallet and the status appears to have changed from ENABLED to something else, don’t remote-start your node. At least not without first doing a little investigation. The status column in the Dash Core wallet is often incorrect. If you...