Dash Masternode Hosting and Portfolio Performance

We know that blockchain assets are a serious investment, that's why all of our services focus on providing you with the details needed to make good decisions.

If you are interested in incentivized blockchains like Dash, Node40 offers a suite of services that makes running, managing and evaluating performance as simple and intuitive as possible.

When it's time to do some serious analysis of your investments, check out our blockchain accounting service.

Masternode Setup Wizard

You enter a public key (analogous to an account number) that contains a 1,000 DASH deposit and Node40 will spin up a masternode server (digital currency savings account) in real-time. Once the server is running and Node40 has confirmed payment, you can remote-start your new masternode. Easy!

  1. You deposit 1,000 DASH into a public key (account) in your own wallet.
  2. Log in to Node40 and select the masternode startup wizard.
  3. Enter your public key into the wizard and Node40 will spin up a new server in real-time.
  4. Node40 generates the masternode.conf line item for your wallet.
  5. Send one month's payment to Node40.
  6. Remote-start your masternode from your local wallet.

Remote-start Masternode Hosting (single-owner)

You supply and hold your 1,000 DASH. Node40 manages the remote masternode and we notify you if a remote-start is needed.

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Portfolio Insight Reports

See how your Dash masternode compares with your other investments. Performance only matters when compared against your other investments. Our service allows for apples-to-apples comparisons by evaluating your investment against the dollar.

Masternode Monitoring

We offer free monitoring of masternodes. You can monitor as many nodes as you want. They don't even have to be hosted by Node40. In addition to at-a-glance information about the health of your node, you can also view your total valuation and detailed transaction history.

Health Monitor and Automated Repair

Node40 maintains a health monitor that is constantly checking our hosted nodes. If an issue is found we have automated services that will attempt a fix. Should a node require additional assistance, a Node40 technician is notified and manually resolves the problem.

Our health monitor and automated repair is important because an unhealthy node can miss a reward.

Dash Masternodes In 3 Easy Steps!


Create Your Account

Registration couldn't be easier. Simply supply an email address and start monitoring masternodes for free.


Commission a Node

Use the Node40 setup wizard to commission a new masternode in a matter of minutes.


Enjoy Your Rewards

Your masternode is a passive revenue stream. Rewards are sent from the Dash network to your local wallet.

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