Application Developer

Location: Telecommute


  • Experience with Insight and ABE blockchain explorers.
  • Python.
  • NodeJS.
  • TrezorConnect API

We are looking for a full-time application developer who has had experience setting up and interacting with Insight and ABE blockchain explorers.

Enterprise level application development experience is a strong plus.

Experience with hardware wallets like Trezor or Keepkey.

NODE40 is a boot-strapped startup already making a mark in the blockchain industry. We started by providing hosting services for incentivized blockchain applications like Dash Masternodes. We're now making waves with NODE40 Blanance - a first of it's kind blockchain accounting service.

We're looking for talented individuals to join the team and help us grow!


NODE40 is headquartered in Albany, New York. But, we don't really care where you live and work from. If you're a talented developer, you should be able to work from anywhere.

Reach Out

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