Clarity for Cryptocurrency

NODE40 aggregates data and applies financial context to simplify tracking, reporting, crypto tax preparation, compliance and decision-making.

Transform Data Into Contextual Insight

Data is valuable only when it can be captured and turned into actionable information. The NODE40 all-in-one solution addresses the unique needs of accountants and crypto tax preparers with data analysis that aggregates on-chain and off-chain data from every available source. More importantly, it applies context so you can manage transactions with confidence.

The SaaS platform captures a wide range of contexts, including:

Unlock Crypto Data Intelligence

Transaction data (and context) is critical for forming opinions, defending positions and making decisions. NODE40 details the entire lifecycle of digital assets, from cost basis to transfers to disposition. From there, you can apply your own business rules to reconcile transactional activity, document transactions, track portfolio performance or determine asset taxability.

Full Visibility for Every Transaction

Fulfill the promise of crypto with full tax compliance.
Track your digital assets and reconcile activity.
Find out exactly how your investments are performing.
Create a highly detailed audit trail for every transaction.

Understand the financial context of your DeFi transactions.

Who We Serve

NODE40 aggregates on-chain and off-chain data to simplify cryptocurrency monitoring, reporting and decision-making for a wide range of users, markets and uses cases.

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