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Blockchain Accounting

Get your blockchain taxes right

Included for Dash Masternode Hosting Customers.

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$/month paid in advance.
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Discounts available for longer commitments as follows:

NODE40 Hosting

Dash Masternode Services

We see our relationship with our customers as a partnership where both parties benefit from a stable and secure Dash network. As the network grows and matures, the minimum infrastructure requirements increase and costs related to running a masternode naturally rise. We peg our pricing to Dash so the natural valuation change of Dash covers the added infrastructure expense.

Single-owner Remote-start Masternodes

Dash/month paid in advance.

You supply and hold your 1,000 Dash. Node40 manages the remote masternode and we notify you if a remote-start is needed.

Discounts available for longer commitments as follows:

Payment accepted in Dash or Credit Card.

Masternode Monitoring

Free to everyone

Monitor as many masternodes as you want. They don't even have to be hosted at Node40.

  • See the health of your masternodes.
  • Keep an eye on the valuation of your entire portfolio.
  • Detailed view of all transactions associated with a node.