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NODE40 Balance

Blockchain Accounting

If you are transacting in, trading, or mining digital currency, you have likely triggered a taxable event. Our blockchain accounting software accurately calculates your gains and losses and whether a gain was short term or long term. We calculate the cost basis for every one of your digital currency transactions so you don't over-report your taxes.

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Blockchain assets are a serious investment, that's why all of our services provide you with the details needed to make good decisions. If you are interested in incentivized blockchains, NODE40 offers a suite of services that makes running, managing and evaluating performance as simple and intuitive as possible.

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The Origin of NODE40 Balance

As the Blockchain continues to grow, and currencies like Bitcoin and Dash increase in popularity, the tax liability associated with digital transactions is also growing. One of the most challenging aspects of these transactions has been trying to understand the tax liability inherent in the transactions themselves. Because the Blockchain, Bitcoin and Dash are so new, and because these technologies can sometimes move faster than tax law, understanding how to properly interpret and calculate your taxes has been rather complex. We built NODE40 Balance because we ran into this problem ourselves. Folks on our team had sizable ledgers of Bitcoin and Dash transactions, and as we attempted to understand our tax liability from these transactions it became clear that it wasn't easy to figure out. And furthermore, if we could figure out how to calculate blockchain tax liability correctly, we could help other people do the same.

NODE40 Balance was built to help people clarify their tax questions and liabilities. Our software takes in your personal ledger of Bitcoin and Dash transactions, requests clarification for any complex transactions, and then calculates your gains and losses. Once this process has completed you'll have a very clear snapshot of your Bitcoin or Dash gains and losses in a format that you can provide to your accountant, and if you're in the US we'll generate IRS Form 8949 that you can give your accountant directly, making the process as simple as possible for you.


NODE40 Balance Now Supports Dash PrivateSend

Jun 16, 2017

NODE40 is happy to announce blockchain accounting support for Dash PrivateSend transactions. Until now, users who wanted to take advantage of Dash’s protocol level PrivateSend feature were unable to accurately calculate gains and losses on Private...

April 2017 Portfolio Insight Reports Available

May 05, 2017

April 2017 Portfolio Insight Reports are now live. See how your masternode investment performed over the past month. April saw some exciting price movement and our Insight Reports show you how your particular masternode portfolio performed.

All NODE40 Masternodes Updated to 12.1.5

Apr 12, 2017

All Dash masternodes hosted at NODE40 were updated to Dash version 12.1.5. This was a mandatory update that we applied within hours of release.

PSA: Stop! Don't remote-start that node.

Apr 06, 2017

If you’re looking at the Masternodes tab of your Dash Core wallet and the status appears to have changed from ENABLED to something else, don’t remote-start your node. At least not without first doing a little investigation. The status column in th...