Complete Crypto Clarity

Unlock total visibility to all of your digital assets for precise calculation and reporting.

The Data Engine for Cryptocurrency and DeFi Protocols

Data Analysis and Reporting Simplified

The value of data is limitless. So is our reach, serving a wide range of financial market professionals. We simplify the accounting of your crypto transactions — from purchase to transfers to sale — on and off blockchain.

Power of Partnership

We work side by side with world-class clients.

Proven Cryptocurrency Expertise

Have you struggled to consistently meet complex cryptocurrency reporting? You’re not alone. NODE40 created the industry’s most advanced crypto reporting solution out of necessity — to deliver an independently verifiable, data-centric audit trail for our own transactions. Today, NODE40 comprises an experienced team of cryptocurrency leaders and professionals, including tax, cybersecurity, and blockchain.

Enterprise-grade Transaction Tracking

The scalable NODE40 platform simplifies the increasing complexity of tracking on-blockchain and off-blockchain transactions — enabling a wide range of financial institutions to assign cost basis, simplify filings and report earnings and losses with unprecedented speed, transparency and accuracy.

SOC Compliance

We’re proud that NODE40 has maintained SOC 1 Compliance since 2019. It shows how serious we are about delivering complete and accurate financial accounting for every transaction and client. And it’s part of our commitment to giving customers confidence and peace of mind in choosing our products and people.

Ready to Unlock the True Value of Your Crypto Transactions?