Automate Complex Crypto Accounting

Track digital assets and reconcile activity with verifiable audit trails.

Smart, Secure Cost Basis Tracking

NODE40 is like having your own crypto CPA. Use it to add context to digital asset transactions and interpret what actually happened at every stage to simplify basis crypto filings. NODE40 crypto tax software uses tax lot identification (SpecID) — a must-have for creating independently verifiable audit trails for blockchain accounting — to track cost basis for every transaction on the blockchain. And that makes it easier for a cryptocurrency accountant to analyze gains and losses in a portfolio and reconcile transactions.

Secure Controls

NODE40 is the first consumer crypto tax software to achieve SOC1 Compliance.

Seamless Integration

Export audit trails into Excel, TurboTax®, H&R Block®, Drake Software® and other programs for full portfolio analysis, documentation and tax preparation.

Full Visibility for Every Transaction

Fulfill the promise of crypto with full tax compliance.
Find out exactly how your investments are performing.
Create a highly detailed audit trail for every transaction.

Understand the financial context of your DeFi transactions.

Speak With an Expert

Learn more about NODE40 accounting and crypto tax software from one of our experienced client managers or technical support professionals.