Ensure Crypto Tax Compliance

Create a highly accurate, independently verifiable audit trail for every crypto transaction.

Aggregate Data From More Sources

The proof is in the numbers. NODE40 aggregates more data from more sources — both on-blockchain and off-blockchain — and applies context to transactional information so auditors and accountants can examine and evaluate cryptocurrency portfolios quickly and accurately. From simple CSV exports to complex stand-alone databases, NODE40 data analysis and crypto tax software tracks the entire lifecycle of every transaction from acquisition to disposition.

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Secure Controls

NODE40 is the first consumer crypto tax software to achieve SOC1 Compliance.

Seamless Integration

Export audit trails into Excel, TurboTax®, H&R Block®, Drake Software® and other programs for full portfolio analysis, documentation and tax preparation.

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Full Visibility for Every Transaction

  • Tax Liability

    Fulfill the promise of crypto with full tax compliance.

  • Accounting

    Track your digital assets and reconcile activity.

  • Performance

    Find out exactly how your investments are performing.

  • Audit

    Create a highly detailed audit trail for every transaction.

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