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Chart your performance, monitor pricing and get point-in-time data analysis for your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Clear, Convenient Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

Capital gains, NFTs, and DeFi smart contracts can get complicated quickly. But don’t worry; you don’t have to understand how DeFi crypto technologies work to know whether your investments are performing as expected. NODE40 data analysis, accounting, and crypto tax software captures all data from purchase to disposition and assigns accurate cost basis, so you have easy-to-understand transactional data throughout the investment’s lifecycle. Track your crypto capital gains and losses to optimize your tax liability and make more informed decisions about your portfolio valuations moving forward.

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Smart, Secure Cost-Basis Tracking

NODE40 is an invaluable tool for accountants. Use it to add context to digital asset transactions and interpret what happens at every stage of an asset’s lifecycle. NODE40 crypto tax software uses tax lot identification (SpecID) — a must-have for creating independently verifiable audit trails for blockchain accounting — to track cost basis for every transaction on the blockchain. This makes it easier for accountants to analyze gains and losses in a portfolio and reconcile transactions.

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Full Visibility for Every Transaction

  • Tax Liability

    Fulfill the promise of crypto with full tax compliance.

  • Accounting

    Track your digital assets and reconcile activity.

  • Performance

    Find out exactly how your investments are performing.

  • Audit

    Create a highly detailed audit trail for every transaction.

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