Put DeFi Transactions Into Context

Create a highly accurate, independently verifiable audit trail for every crypto transaction.

Crypto Intelligence for Your Smart Contracts

DeFi crypto transactions occur outside traditional analogues, which complicates tracking and reporting for smart contracts and affects your cryptocurrency tax rate. There’s critical data in those tangled transactional webs. But it can only be harnessed to simplify crypto portfolio decision-making, if it can be processed and turned into actionable information. NODE40 data analysis, accounting and crypto tax software tracks the entire lifecycle of every transaction and normalizes account categories for deposits, yield-farming, minting, swapping or dispositions.

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Full Visibility for Every Transaction

  • Tax Liability

    Fulfill the promise of crypto with full tax compliance.

  • Accounting

    Track your digital assets and reconcile activity.

  • Performance

    Find out exactly how your investments are performing.

  • Audit

    Create a highly detailed audit trail for every transaction.

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