About NODE40

NODE40 offers the industry’s most comprehensive data analysis, accounting and crypto tax platform to create an independent, verifiable audit trail. It tracks the lifecycle of each transaction — from cost basis origin to transfers to disposition — to deliver precise calculations, complete confidence and full compliance.

Our Story

Founded in 2015, NODE40 was the first staking company in cryptocurrency, specializing in infrastructure for incentivized blockchain applications and peer-to-peer digital asset transactions. There was only one problem: invoices were often paid in cryptocurrency. The founders needed to determine how to report cryptocurrency on taxes, but off-the-shelf solutions were inaccurate and lacked a verifiable audit trail.

They developed an internal application that processed transaction data and tracked performance for their own cryptocurrency portfolio compliance. Today, NODE40 offers an enterprise-grade platform for crypto protocols that helps businesses calculate precise cryptocurrency capital gains and losses by revealing what happened at every stage of a transaction.


Perry Woodin. CEO.
Perry is a leader in blockchain accounting and business development with more than 20 years of experience managing and developing software applications and services. He co-founded NODE40 to bring stability to blockchain infrastructures by hosting incentivized second-tier nodes. That experience naturally led to an interest in cryptocurrency accounting, marking the genesis of NODE40 Balance. Prior to NODE40, Perry worked as a consultant and was responsible for the development and management of custom, metrics and intensive business applications.
Sean Ryan. CTO.

Sean oversees corporate security, software services, and R&D at NODE40 and plays an active role in business development. His formal education in computer science and information science led to a software development career spanning work in federal and state governments, non profits, healthcare, and higher education. After a brief five year stint in private consulting, Sean co-founded NODE40 with Perry Woodin to be part of the unfolding of a new financial industry; blockchain services. Sean is a recognized leader in cryptocurrency financial services and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.