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Blockchain accounting is too complicated for spreadsheets and too risky for avoidance and shortcuts. NODE40 uses tax lot identification (SpecID) to track the entirety of a transaction lifecycle and to create independently verifiable audit trails. As a cryptocurrency accountant, you can use the SOC1 Audit-accredited crypto tax software to identify transaction types, reveal cost basis and calculate gains and losses to reduce risk for your clients — and for your firm.

High-Volume Traders

DeFi offers unprecedented freedom and convenience. As a result, you may make millions — or hundreds of millions — of transactions annually. Make the most of every one. The NODE40 SaaS platform aggregates all your transactional data to simplify tax reporting and blockchain compliance. It creates a verifiable audit trail for every crypto transaction automatically, so you can run reports that accurately calculate your income, gains and losses.


Every exchange has struggled to track crypto volume with accuracy. It’s even more difficult to track cost basis across sources. Until now. NODE40 captures cryptocurrency, NFTs, DeFi smart contracts and other data that would otherwise be lost, manipulated or corrupted as they move through the blockchain. Use NODE40 to track cost basis and facilitate 1099 reporting. Or simply give your customers a value-added tax portal to track their on-chain and off-chain activity.

Wealth Managers

The more you know about your clients, the easier it is to provide custom financial services for them. NODE40 data analysis, accounting and crypto tax software aggregates data from on-chain and off-chain sources and applies context to it. Use NODE40 with your existing platform and view performance, balances, trade activity and more. It’s everything you need for accurate financial insight that helps you manage your clients’ cryptocurrency portfolio.

Funds Managers

Manage diverse cryptocurrency funds more accurately with NODE40 software. Whether your fund includes high-volume transactions, derivatives, spot, DeFi smart contracts or other digital assets, you can use the platform for a ledger-based representation of all activity from purchase to disposition. It also offers performance analysis, tax liability data and more to help you to make more informed decisions to maximize your fund’s performance.


Government scrutiny has followed the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency, NFTs, DeFi smart contracts and other digital assets. As more of your bank customers invest in cryptocurrencies, it can be nearly impossible to assess cost basis value or even track transactions across sources using traditional methods. Use NODE40 to track every transaction, from cost basis origin to transfers to disposition, and simplify reporting for you and your customers.

Payment Processors

Cryptocurrency popularity is growing exponentially — with more than 2,300% growth in the past two years. Wouldn’t you want the most accurate, most comprehensive tools to track all those transactions? NODE40 data analysis, accounting and crypto tax software tracks the lifecycle of digital asset transactions to deliver precise calculations and full compliance. Run reports, monitor payments, simplify tax preparation, and protect yourself against emerging threats.

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