Simplify Tax Reporting

Report income, gains and losses accurately with NODE40 crypto tax software.

Easier Tax Compliance

Tracking cost basis for cryptocurrency, NFT and DeFi smart contracts can be complex, confusing and time-consuming. As a result, transparency is your best defense against IRS cryptocurrency audits. Choose NODE40 and defend your tax reporting with a verifiable audit trail.

More Accurate Reporting

The crypto tax software aggregates transactions from multiple sources and identifies transaction types, applies market valuations and carries cost basis through disposition. It even uses tax lot identification (SpecID) — one of only two IRS-approved cryptocurrency accounting methodologies for reporting cryptocurrency capital gains and losses — to assign an accurate cost basis to every transaction.

Full Visibility for Every Transaction

Track your digital assets and reconcile activity.
Find out exactly how your investments are performing.
Create a highly detailed audit trail for every transaction.

Understand the financial context of your DeFi transactions.

Speak With an Expert

Learn more about NODE40 accounting and crypto tax software from one of our experienced client managers or technical support professionals.