How do I turn on coin control?

Oct 19, 2015

To control the inputs used in a payment, you need to enable coin control in your Dash wallet.

Enabling coin control allows you to pick which inputs should be used to make a payment. This is especially important for masternode owners because accidentally spending a 1,000 Dash collateral will take a masternode offline. The Dash wallet is smart enough to lock a 1,000 Dash collateral for an existing masternode, but this assumes the masternode.conf file is up to date and the masternodes have been synced with the wallet.

Follow these steps to insure you are sending a payment from Dash that is not associated with a masternode collateral.

Enable coin control

  1. Open your Dash wallet.
  2. Select Preferences => Wallet.
  3. Check the box for Enable coin control features
  4. Click the OK button.

Enable coin control

Select Inputs when sending funds

  1. From the Dash wallet Send tab you should now see an Inputs… button.
  2. Click the Inputs… button to see a list of all available funds.
  3. Check the box next to the funds you would like to use. Note that any 1,000 Dash associated with a masternode should be disabled (greyed out) and locked.
  4. Safely send the funds using selected inputs.

Dash wallet with Inputs button