Is your revenue stream broken?

Nov 25, 2015

Turning your cryptocurrency assets into a revenue stream with Dash is pretty simple. The hard part is keeping your node running and healthy. If your node drops offline, your revenue stream is broken. At Node40, we strive to insure your revenue stream is never broken.

##Daemon and Server monitoring

The Node40 platform is constantly monitoring the health of both the Dash service (daemon)* and the underlying server.

When a problem with the service is found, Node40 runs a series of diagnostics to determine the issue. Often the solution is as simple as an auto restart of the service. At times, more complicated issues arise and the Node40 platform applies the appropriate remedy.

Insuring the Dash service is up and running is just the first part in making sure your revenue stream remains fluid. It is also crucial to monitor the health of the server running the Dash service. In cases where a problem is detected on the underlying server (e.g. hardware degradation, network failure), the Node40 platform performs a migration of the Dash service to a new server.

All checks and remedies performed by the Node40 platform are done without interrupting the node’s participation with the network. This results in a solid revenue stream for all customers hosting their Dash masternodes with Node40.

If you are interested in giving Node40 a try, you can launch a Dash masternode with our setup wizard, or reach out to us directly and we’ll help you get started.

##Why does Node40 put in so much effort? First and foremost, we take hosting your nodes seriously. If your node goes offline, we take it personally.

On a practical level, we need to sleep at night. If we weren’t confident about the health of the nodes we host, then we wouldn’t be able to get a sound nights rest.

*If you are running your own masternode server, there are some fantastic open source tools/scripts available to make sure the Dash service is running on your server.