Jan 26, 2016

We had a great time at The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. We met lots of dedicated and passionate people from diverse backgrounds; all with the shared interest in seeing the technology grow and succeed.


Sean and I have had a lot of virtual interaction with the Dash core team, but it was nice to put faces to names. We had a number of opportunities to sit and and chat with folks for extended periods of time.

TNABC Recap Sean Ryan (left) and Perry Woodin (right) with Evan Duffield.


Evan spoke about Dash and the upcoming Evolution. Twenty minutes was simply not long enough considering all of the exciting developments.

At Node40 we were happy to contribute to the Dash Evolution website where people can sign up for their Dash Evolution username, and test out an Evolution transaction by donating to the Dash foundation from the Evolution prototype wallet.

Having had a chance to work some with Evolution, we are very excited about the direction Dash is heading. Evolution is going to make it trivial for online merchants to accept payment from around the world. Evolution clears the adoption hurdles facing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


There were a lot of positive conversations about Dash. If you are already involved with Dash, the idea of incentivized nodes is something you don't think twice about. But based on conversations we overheard, this is still a revolutionary idea.

I happened to be sitting behind a couple of guys who were talking about Dash between presentations. One of the two was scribbling numbers on paper. When he was done he held up the paper and said to his companion "that's over 10% annually when you run a masternode!" The data points to a slightly higher return, but the point is these guys had their Dash eureka moment.

Masternode Interest

During the conference, and now three days after, we've seen a marked increase in signups at Node40. This is a great sign as it means that more and more people want to know about what Dash can do for them.


The InstantX soda machine was a hit and I had the privilege of purchasing beverages for a number of people who were simply amazed at the fact that Dash could secure a transaction at lightening speed. Thankfully, for the skeptics in the crowd, the Dash-n-Drink developers were in the house to pull back and curtain and show off how InstantX actually works. There were a lot of a-ha moments.

What the Dash-n-Drink project demonstrated is that Dash is ready for action. This project was able to show off the current capabilities of Dash and there are many applications that could benefit from integrating with Dash right now.


The community is back to talking about bitcoin again. Remember that 2015 was the year of the blockchain. Makes sense given the low valuation of bitcoin for most of last year. But now that bitcoin is seeing healthy increases in valuation, talk of blockchain tech is taking a backseat to bitcoin the currency.

With the possible exception of bitcoin, all single-tier networks will start to lose steam. It's just a matter of time. The reason I think bitcoin will survive is because it has great potential for being the store of value with Dash as the transaction layer.


We attended a number of the investment presentations. In a moment of serendipity, a customer called me while I was at the conference and said he wanted to get out of gold and transition to cryptocurrencies (specifically Dash). He said his investment group is worried about how practical precious metals are in the real world. Minutes after the phone call, one of the conference speakers posed the question of transitioning from precious metals to cryptocurrency.

The benefits of cryptocurrency over precious metals are striking. No one can take your cryptocurrency, ownership can be transferred around the world instantly, and it is currently performing extremely well when pegged to the USD.


Last but not least... we enjoyed the weather in Miami. For a couple of guys from Upstate NY, the opportunity to have dinner with new friends while sitting outside in January couldn't be beat.