Walmart Canada Says NO to Visa

Jun 14, 2016

Are you a retail merchant tired of high credit card fees? You’re not alone. Walmart Canada was so fed up with the high fees charged by Visa that they decided to stop accepting it.

Dumping Visa is certainly one way to express your dissatisfaction over high fees, but why not turn the whole process on its head? If “cash only” isn’t an option, start looking at alternative person to person (peer to peer) payment methods. It is actually possible to cut out the middle-man and transact directly with your customer by using a digital currency like Dash.

You can get started immediately by downloading the Dash digital wallet. Then let your customers know you’re accepting Digital Cash for in-store transactions. Sure, adoption might be slow, but imagine what it would mean for your business if you could eliminate the fees on just a fraction of your sales?

Want to see Dash in action? Check out this real-world point of sale solution put together by some enterprising engineers. A soda machine upgraded to accept Digital Cash.

If you have questions, check out the official Dash website. And at Node40, we transact with Dash every day. If you want to know how it works out for us, feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to chat.

Reuters Canada: Walmart Canada to stop accepting Visa, says fees too high