Node40 Now Accepting Credit Card Payments for Service

Jul 24, 2016

Starting today, Node40 customers can elect to pay for masternode hosting with a credit card. To ensure the safety and security of our customer’s data, we integrated with Stripe to handle all processing of payments.

Overwhelmingly, our customers prefer to pay in Dash, but as our user base continues to grow, diversifying our payment options just make sense. Many customers enjoy the “all-in” lifestyle of crypto currency and the benefits it presents yet others want the option to retain 100% of their masternodes’ rewards. So today, we are quite pleased to offer both options. Credit card payments are accepted for both newly commissioned nodes, and renewals.

How Is the USD Value Determined?

Because our service fee is pegged to a fixed Dash amount, the U.S. Dollar (USD) value is determined at the time the invoice is generated. Node40 tracks historical valuation of Dash in USD. Generally, we record about 300 samples per day. To determine the price of an invoice in USD, we calculate the average value of the last 100 samples recorded and use to calculate a fair market value. This sampling over time gives a more realistic representation of the value and reduces the impact of outliers (drops and spikes in value).

Service payments made using a credit card essentially allows our customers to acquire Dash by keeping 100% of their network rewards — at market value.