NODE40 Highlighted by FT Partners

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Jan 3, 2023

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NODE40 Highlighted by FT Partners

Financial Technology (FT) Partners released the much anticipated 2022 report on Blockchain Accounting and Tax Solutions. NODE40 is highlighted for its enterprise support of DeFi and assurance offerings. 

As Ryan Selkis notes in the Mesari Crypto Theses for 2023, compliance companies will thrive in both bull and bear markets. FT echoes this by writing, “As digital assets became more widely accepted and institutional, the need for corresponding tooling to meet accounting, reporting and tax requirements of both individuals and corporate users grew.” 

The big driver we see at NODE40 is from large firms that need to support their existing and new client base. These firms are looking for technology companies that can translate complicated crypto transactions into actionable information. That’s where NODE40 excels. With a deep bench of technologists building the tools to support a growing industry. 

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