May 2024 Release Announcement

Release Announcements

May 31, 2024

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May 2024 Release Announcement

NODE40 is excited to announce our latest release, packed with new features, improved performance, and various updates. As we continue to enhance our product, we invite you to send any feedback to

Support for Multi-Token Ledgers
Our latest updates add full support for multi-token ledgers such as Uniswap v3 Liquidity Pools. Uniswap v3 is the third version of the Uniswap decentralized platform. While it makes services better for users, it requires specialized tracking for accounting and audit.

Uniswap is one of several protocols that allows users to provide liquidity for trading groups of tokens. Uniswap’s handling of liquidity positions uses NFTs to track each deposit position. The NFT proves ownership within the pool and is used to pinpoint balances and any interest or fees earned at any given time. NFTs, when used for tracking liquidity, present challenges for valuing a user’s position because Uniswap Pools use two tokens, not just one. Such NFTs are derivatives of multiple tokens and their value must be tracked in ledgers that represent those tokens as a single unit.

Our Team developed a novel approach that we’ve dubbed “Multi-Token Ledgers”. Because we can value each asset represented by the NFTs, we can correctly calculate their value during any point of its existence. That’s where Multi-Token ledgers come into play.

These updates allow Uniswap v3 Positions to receive the same, sophisticated reporting, as enjoyed by other protocols and/or chains. Moving forward, clients may expect NODE40 Balance to automatically track these positions providing robust insights about cost basis, fees paid, and rewards earned, for all Uniswap v3 engagement. NODE40 expects to apply this functionality to future use cases beyond Uniswap v3 too. NODE40 co-founder Sean Ryan describes this in more detail in a video. Watch Here >>

SoftLedger Partnership and Public API

NODE40 and SoftLedger have collaborated over the last several months to seamlessly integrate NODE40’s sophisticated data aggregation and analysis directly into the SoftLedger platform. Leveraging NODE40’s public API-based offering,SoftLedger users can now conveniently access NODE40’s advanced data analysis using their preferred tools.

For digital asset-native companies relying on SoftLedger as their accounting core, this collaboration with NODE40 unifies digital asset and traditional financial data within a single accounting platform, offering multi-entity and global capabilities beyond what QuickBooks and similar tools provide. Learn more >>

NEW: NODE40 “CryptoClarity” Podcast

Join host Norman Hannawa, NODE40’s Head of Tax & Accounting and special guests, as they navigate the world of digital assets. Each episode explores topics related to digital asset data like regulation, blockchain technology, tokenization, accounting systems, and more. You can access this content wherever you gather your podcast content as CryptoClarity is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen Now >>

To the moon (and beyond)
-The NODE40 Team 🚀

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