How It Works

Use our masternode wizard to launch a node in real-time. Use the NODE40 monitor to track the node's health and value.

The easiest way to launch and host a Dash masternode. NODE40 takes care of the maintenance and updates.

Fund your masternode

Your Dash never leaves your posession. Send exactly 1,000 Dash to a public key in a wallet that you own. You maintain 100% control of the funds at all times. The Dash can be held in the official Dash Core wallet, or a hardware wallet like the TREZOR.

Launch your sever

The NODE40 masternode wizard makes it easy to launch a new masternode in a matter of minutes. Simply enter the public key associated with your 1,000 Dash and you're ready to launch a server.

Remote-start your masternode

NODE40 supports running masternodes from the Dash Core wallet or hardware wallets like the TREZOR. Once your new server is running, you'll be ready broadcast a remote-start to the network.

Monitor your portfolio

Use the NODE40 Monitor to view the health and valuation of your masternode. You'll see at a glance when new block-rewards are sent to your masternodes and you'll always know the current valuation of your rewards and masternode portfolio.