March 2017 Portfolio Insight Reports Available

Apr 04, 2017

March 2017 Portfolio Insight Reports are now live. See how your masternode investment performed over the past month. March saw some exciting price movement and our Insight Reports show you how your particular masternode portfolio performed.

Node40’s Masternode Portfolio Insight illustrates with precision how each Node performs fully tracked against the United States dollar on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis with upcoming support for real-time custom ranges. Moreover, the online reporting tool will show Masternode owners exactly how their cryptocurrency gains stack up against other traditional forms of investment such as property, savings account gains, or stock market returns. As a result, the tool is an important step in the path to mainstream blockchain adoption. The reports show users exactly how many network rewards have been received in a reporting period, how much value they’ve accrued in both Dash and USD, while also tracking gains.